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How to buy car in Philippines?

Acquisition of a car is a pretty serious step that requires thinking and comparison of all sorts of varieties. Before that, rather than considering how to buy a car in the Philippines, let’s look at the leading picture of motor vehicles in the Philippines and compare cars from various original Philippine companies.

  • The 1st Philippine company to build jeeps for mass production. The company was founded in 1953 as an ordinary studio for the production of jeeps, but in 1962 it was transformed into a corporation that produces up to 30 jeeps in the moon on various bases. The arabesque, of course, is done by hand, as a consequence of which all cars are personal. In 2014, the Nissan Patrol chassis presented the 1st model of Sarao ONE without SUV and minivan.
  • Del Monte (DMMC). The company was founded in 1950 as a bus assembly company, followed by the production of personal bodies and later of chassis.
  • This company was present from 1962 to 1984 in Manila and was engaged in assembling Toyota jeeps under Japanese license. Even in the model range were noticed personal models based on Toyota.
  • Doctor of Medicine Juan. It is a firm that has been passionate about whales since 1966, depicting traditional military (and civilian) jeeps, as well as every other auxiliary part for the Will and their equivalents, from pistons to direction indicators. In fact, this is the artist “Gather a personal jeep as you wish”. As a result, MD Juan does not contain any specific models: the customer simply assembles the set he likes, from the car body to the bodywork..
  • 2 in size, the manufacturer of jeeps subsequently Sarão. Armak more “classic”, makes ordinary beads on SUVs on personal requests.
  • Creation of jeeps from San Pablo working under the slogan “Quality never gets worse”. Collective celestial view – metallized planes and monochrome decorations. Celestial produces a maximum of 5-6 cars a year, their products are “prestigious off-road vehicles” and are often made the winner of regional beauty contests.
  • Manufacturer of jeeps from the Imus metropolis, practiced on decorating their own models with wide airbrush.
  • Once again, as in Hebron, the Impos jeeps are a collective style of jeeps – the smaller size of the jewellery and giant airbrush.

Purchasing a car in Philippines

If you are looking for an answer to the question “How to buy a car in the Philippines”, you are on the right track. Here we will see all sorts of methods of buying a car in the Philippines and specify all the outstanding qualities and defects of any of them. In fact, in the Philippines there are a number of methods of buying and selling cars: 

Step one. Automobile salons. In many Philippine towns there are solid motorways, along which there are a large number of salons as fresh, for example, used cars of various brands, categories and producing countries, as well as salons for hire. 

For example, if you are moving from Samal Island to Davao, the street comes straight from the ferry crossing in the Sasa region, from the showroom of the Chinese bike manufacturer Granstar Motors and Industrial Corporation (GMIC).

Step two. Online shops. Once again a simple method of buying a car in the Philippines. As a rule, online stores sell used cars. The reported value of these cars is firmly overstated. You must choose a car and get confused with the dealer, in order to draw a conclusion to the position.

Principally: do not forget that you actually stay in Asia, and Asians love to bargain. Naturally, it is pointless to impudently beg for a reduction in value in the salon of an official dealer, but it is absolutely not bad and it is certainly possible to ask whether their current shares are available. The best time to buy a car (and almost everything else) is in December, i.e. during the New Year’s Eve sale.

Step three. Private announcements or recommendations from friends, family members, their people, etc. This is the most financially lucrative method to buy the 1st car in the Philippines, but at the same time the most unreliable.

The price of a car is different and depends directly on the property of the car. For example, in Davao it is possible to buy a car for 500 $. In principle, any resident of another country has the opportunity to choose the desired model between cheap cars in the Philippines.

5 simple tips for buying a used vehicle

As has been said above, the most simple method of buying a car in the Philippines is to buy a used car. Finally, let’s look at the main recommendations on how not to buy a used car.

  1. It is advisable to qualify the values and identify all possible options. In this way, it is important that you expand your search area and probably purchase a vehicle that will be more than any other than the one you want to buy first.
  2. You have to calculate the correct bootleg because you are actually buying a used car, and the fastest way to do so is through specific currency investments (simple personal online loans). In accordance with this, the purchase of such a car should be noted 80-85% of the bootstrap, the rest spent on the likely repair, registration and insurance.
  3. Take care that the passenger compartment, door seals, steering wheel and pedals are in a continuous position. The less you find abrasions, chips, scratches, etc., the less mileage you will have to make and the less time you will need to repair your car in the future.
  4. When choosing a car, take care of the number of pictures. If the number of photos is less than 5 or the car is photographed only from one “right” side, this option goes in the footsteps to miss. If the trader has nothing to hide, he or she will indicate the most probable number of photos, which is the most protective of himself or herself from senseless questions from the side of probable clients.
  5. When inspecting the car, you will have to observe a number of rules. First, inspect the car in dry weather criteria (if it is raining than any other inspection is postponed). In the-2s, take your time to look at the car and make sure to look at it as closely as possible. Take care of the little things and do not let the dealer drive you.

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