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OFW loan, which bank to choose?

OFW loan. Where to start, what to do, and which bank to choose?

In the event that you are interested in the fact that this is an Overseas Filipino Workers loan and you do not understand where to start and what to create, you have fallen into the necessary space. [...]
Philhealth contribution – what is it

Philhealth contribution – what is it and what advantages does it give you?

The Philippines uses the Philippine Health Insurance Company (PhilHealth) administration's offer as its main health insurance provider. It is small and suitable as the best common method of covering [...]
compute retirement pay

How to compute retirement pay in the Philippines

The Republican Act (RLA) No. 7641 of 7 January 1993, still known as the Fresh Pension Act, summarized and amended note 287 of the Philippine Labour Code (DP No. 442). In accordance with the new legis [...]
franchise business in the Philippines

Pros and cons of franchise business in the Philippines

Diversification is considered to be one of the more important varieties for those who need to eventually start their own personal business. This is due to the fact that the 1st look of the business i [...]
a income tax return in the Philippines

The most effective method to file a income tax return in the Philippines

Trivial isn't everything: Documentation of questionnaires is the same as for appointment to a dentist. Almost all people would like to protect their strategic distance from it, but if we do not do [...]
how to distribute income

Tips how to distribute income

You will be able to earn a lot of money, but if you don't understand how to overcome it, you risk never getting rich. Before that, we have to learn how to steer that amount of money that we have at t [...]
CVV code on the card

CVV code on the card. What it is?

All kinds of organizations with which you have money to do business have a chance to ask you to set up a CVVV code, which is available on the back of your credit card. This right applies not only to [...]
buy car in Philippines

How to buy car in Philippines?

Acquisition of a car is a pretty serious step that requires thinking and comparison of all sorts of varieties. Before that, rather than considering how to buy a car in the Philippines, let's look at [...]
5 Steps to Get Your Seaman’s Loan Approved Faster

5 Steps to Get Your Seaman’s Loan Approved Faster

Autonomous Regardless of our profession, we all face situations where we need funds here and now. It does not matter for what purpose we need it, the question is how to get it as fast as possible. In [...]
Questions About OWWA Loans

Answers to 5 Most Frequent Questions About OWWA Loans

OWWA's loans from the workplace of Overseas Welfare, which suggests OWWA, square measure thought-about a wonderful chance for seafarers to lend cash for his or her own business. during this article w [...] Protection Status